Everything-is-a-token, the evolution of NewOmega Online

Wiktor Starczewski
3 min readAug 23, 2021
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New Omega, the blockchain game that never ends

We’ve been hard at work delivering new game features, and we’re very excited to share some with you today.

All in game resources, so Minerals, Ships, and Ship Modules are now ERC-1155 tokens and will be possible to trade on all platforms supporting the standard, as they become available in the larger Polkadot ecosystem. Ship Modules are in fact NFTs, implemented according to the ERC-1155 as well (as tokens with a max supply of 1). We’ve added new screens to allow you to mint your own NFTs (craft Ship Modules).

The “everything is a token” mantra is very important to us, as it promotes decentralisation, and interoperability, with other systems and games. Let’s think about the last bit for a moment. If all game assets are tokenised, they can be reused not only in the game context, but also across games that support it. We will work towards, are already in talks of potential partnerships, the ability to use our ships and assets in other games. Such items will have another, after the persistence of blockchain, reason to appreciate in value: their reusability.

We have built a simple NFT marketplace, tailor made for NewOmega, built in to the game now and we can’t wait for you to try it. Collect and conquer!


Playing NewOmega is rewarded with tokens, which you can use in game. Ever since the Open Testing start, we’ve faced questions of how to get the test tokens themselves. Yes, we do provide some test tokens for every registered user at start, but that feature will be removed in Main Net. Instead, players can now complete Tasks (quests) every day, to earn their tokens. We’ve selected a bunch of goals for you to achieve, and we hope you’ll have fun knocking them off.

What’s around the corner

We’ve partnered with the Ajuna network to become one of the featured games available on it. This cooperation means we will strive towards a deeper integration with the Polkadot network, providing value to both the New Omega Token, and items minted in game.

End of 2021, we plan to release a Main Net, and work on its decentralisation. For all our current players (massive shout out to all of you!), we want to thank you for your help testing, and will offer a token transfer programme from current Test Net to the Main Net. More details on that to come, please stay tuned.

For the game itself, we will be introducing new multiplayer features soon, including Alliances, Chat, etc., all in a decentralised fashion of course. NewOmega is meant to be played with friends, or help make new friendships along the way.

We’re also working on making the Game Engine more detailed, robust, and strategic, by transferring ship decision making from groups of ships to individual ones. We think that will greatly increase the depth of the fight itself, providing more satisfying battles.

See you at newomega.online!



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