Persistent universe comes to NewOmega

Wiktor Starczewski
2 min readJul 11, 2021
Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

New Omega, the blockchain game that never ends, is nearing its release with addition of new features, paired with a complete graphical revamp.

Most notably on the new feature front, a Universe mode has been created, which allows players to establish their own Universes, discover and make territorial claims to systems, mine minerals, produce ships and trade, all in order to establish a galactic empire forever recorded on the blockchain. The possibility to construct Gateways in Systems allows linking player Universes together, effectively creating an infinite Megaverse, which increases with user participation.

Additionally, the game now operates on a token, which players can obtain in game through participation in the Universe mode, and spend on numerous quality of life things. This token can now also be used to stake for own Ranked Combat games, allowing to win even more if players desire to do so. The Ranked Combat is also fully available to play without any token staking, for pure competition.

Graphics have undergone a complete revamp, with custom made illustrations for all game modes, and climatic soundtrack to match. 3D models have been optimised and the performance has greatly improved overall. More of graphical improvements to come!

Continuing on its journey into the Polkadot ecosystem, New Omega has entered an early partnership with Ajuna, in order to be deployed on that network, and thus have access to the Polkadot ecosystem. Thus far, a closed test network has been established, but in time for public release it will become open and decentralised.

The Web and Android versions of Early Access to the game have been published and are available for early testing. Please note this is a test environment, which is subject to heavy development and/or resets.

It has been an exciting journey getting here and stay tuned for further developments!



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